5% Focus on Increasing the Quality of Journalism

In a decade of the Knight news challenges: investing in innovators to advances news, media, and information — here’s the goal breakdown.

5% is no longer enough.

  • Do we have more access and data collections? Check. But, Is it quality data?
  • Do we have more engagement and stronger communities? I think so. But, should a community advocating a flat Earth have as much weight?

Continue down the list, and each project goal has seen great changes in society over the years. In many ways it’s good and we have benefited.

But in each goal there is the dark side – a small flaw in that it assumes the “journalism” has quality: is ethical, true, for the betterment of society.

Let’s make quality 100%

To The Knight Foundation and all those working to solve our issues in Journalism, please ensure that all projects include some level of quality and journalistic ethics in them. If not – any advancement in understanding can be used against the noble goals.