At-At ether+nick

I've been wanting to make my own activitypub tool. But, with a 1.5 (aka E) & a 4.5 (aka B) year old, time is rare. My family, and I, appreciates I do other things. Enter shuttlecraft.

drum rollllll............


Now you can follow me on any federated platform:

Get it!? At-at!?

An app called "shuttlecraft", inspired by the "fediverse", a name that clearly is more related to Star Trek ... er well... I thought it was funny. Now that I look at it, maybe there's too many "at"s and "ethernick"s - oh well. It's done.

Now I own a peice of my own federated content. Expect the posts to be a little more off the cuff than normal. I tend to self-sensor on other platforms.

Toots are my own

^^ If you rolled your eyes too much on that, I suggest you don't follow, or maybe might not follow for long. There will be much more than that.

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